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Azienda Agricola Olivetti Orlando

Visciola (Sour cherries) wine - Orlando Olivetti

Visciola (Sour cherries) wine - Orlando Olivetti

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Orlando Olivetti

Vino di Visciola (Sour cherries wine)

Dessert wine: the sour cherry is an ancient variety of wild cherry (prunus cerasus) with a dark red color and a sour taste.

The cherries are harvested when ripe at the end of June and macerated with sugar, thus starting a fermentation that slowly leads to a soft and fragrant syrup.

The sour cherries and the syrup obtained are then combined with Lacrima (teardrop) grape must.

From this new fermentation in oak barrels, the final product is obtained.

Colour: deep ruby ​​red.

Smell: intense, characteristic, persistent aroma of wild berries and ripe fruit.

Taste: good softness and balance, right body and engaging, very persistent, tickles the taste buds and recalling ripe berries, blueberries and cherries.

Vinification: in stainless steel for 6 – 8 days following transfer into oak barrels.

Service temperature: 16° ​​– 18°c

Alcohol content: 14% vol

Pairing: ideal with ring-shaped cake, cantuccini biscuits (dry biscuits with almond), dry biscuits, and chocolate desserts.

To drink also as a meditation wine.

Simplicity and transparency are the characteristics that struck us about Orlando and Isabella, as well as their wines made with passion and experience but with simplicity, where the extraordinary work done especially in the vineyard prevails ... and leaving the cellar expresses the potential of these grapes grown in this wine-growing chest of the Marche.


Orlando and Isabella now run the Olivetti farm, born in the 1980s, after inheriting it from the family.

The products are still prepared following the winemaking tradition learned from the ancestors.


The Olivetti family, in addition to following 20 hectares of vineyards from which their D.O.C.wines are produced, is dedicated to cultivating sour cherry plants for the production of sour cherry wine, a sweet dessert wine typical of the Marche region.

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