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Chocolate Mandorlato - 250g

Chocolate Mandorlato - 250g

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Cocoa cake. This ancient Modigliananspeciality originated in the mid-800 and is the flagship product of “Modigliantica”.

The secret to this recipe has been passed down orally through the generations and contains in the processing steps the perfect balance between the all important ingredients: cocoa powder, Italian almonds, candied orange and lemon peel, sugar cane, wheat flour and a blend of spices.

The particularity of these cocoa cakes, is the total lack of added fat: no eggs, milk, butter, margarine, cocoa butter and no preservatives are used.

These products are ideal for Vegan and are vacuum packed to maintain taste and fragrance.

To be accompanied with desserts wine, rum, whiskey, brandy or cognac.

Maurizio Mortani, head of the Modigliantica company, continues to produce traditional sweets manually.

The pride of the company is the Chocolate Mandorlato, born in the 19th century and whose secret recipe is still handed down only orally today.

The Modigliantica company stands out for the continuous search for quality, for the use of raw materials from the territory and for environmental and social sustainability, making use of the collaboration of small farmers and artisans who protect small productions related to the territory and its traditions.

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